Our provision provides...

We support keystage 1 and 2 children specialising in keystage 1 who are struggling within school and are at risk of exclusion. Through our holistic approach to learning, encouraging strong positive relationships and developing a unique learning journey for each "pushed out" learner.

Our 12 week programmes concentrates on working to support the development of the child’s ‘entire being’ by paying attention to their physical, personal, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing as well as supporting their learning needs. Enabling them to practice skills within a calm and less demanding environment. Providing each child with a wide range of engaging and high-quality play-based learning opportunities, so they can learn to enjoy learning again. We encourage them to understand and develop awareness of themselves, taking responsibility for their behaviours and establishing successful strategies to manage their feelings.

We can ensure that we are setting and meeting learning outcomes for the child’s development in accordance with the National Curriculum with our bespoke evidence collecting and scaling system.

We aim to work closely with schools, parent/carers and professionals working with and around the child to engage them back in to education. At the end of the 12 weeks we plan and support transitions back in to the desired school that suits the child's needs, working in collaboration with schools, professionals and parent/carers. 

We offer support through being positive role models and help to develop good relationships between education, the child and parent/carers. Working closely with the parents/carers we hope to encourage their involvement in their child's development and educational journey, as this is a key element in ensuring progress for their child. We can also provide advice and support for the family when needed, especially around the SEN processes.